LOOK—OUT, 20 minutes, performance in two buildings opposite The Kitchen, February 1975.

—In two different buildings located so that as an audience inside The Kitchen could only see one side at a time, a series of actions occurred in various windows simultaneously. Spotlights lit each different building, the spots indicating where the action was to take place. With this scale, the performance also attracted an audience of those passing by in the streets, and those who lived in the neighboring buildings. One side was very wealthy—lush dinners with servants, a tango, a man in smoking jacket beating his black maid as she serves him a glass of wine, a man hanging himself (this side had warm interior lighting and appropriate set dressings, ie, velvet curtains, etc.). The audiences had to chose which side to watch, this side, or the other, which was very poor—a sailor, a wife too tired from housework to kiss her husband is in turn beat—up by the spouse, a young couple necking in front of the TV, a prostitute preparing herself for work. (Black and white photographs, scripts and corresponding diagrams available.)

"Look Out" announcementGordon Matta-Clark's feet in window